Thrive is a development stage digital health device company focused on clinical adoption of a new class of health monitor. We raise capital from accredited investors to fund our operations.

Potentially interested investors should contact Brian Wadsworth ( for more information.


The first Smart Feeder for newborn babies is a low-cost, elegant device providing valuable health data to healthcare and to parents. Ultimately, it will disrupt and reshape the baby bottle business.

Pain:  The ability to feed is central to healthy development of babies and a key driver of costs yet we have no device for measuring it unlike other vital functions and health signs.

Solution: Thrive has taken seminal scientific and market research and developed a digital health device that monitors feeding strength, coordination, and stamina data.


The feeder will be the first clinically validated and FDA cleared monitor of feeding health. Thrive intends to develop the standard of care for hospital-to-home baby nutrition monitoring.


The novel and compelling value proposition has already attracted strong interest from pediatricians and neonatal care professionals. Thrive will develop a network of supportive children’s hospitals to test, validate and adopt the monitor, seeding both medical and consumer markets and driving viral adoption.