The Thrive team is a small group of entrepreneurial problem solvers translating available infant feeding research into an innovative product helped by the best talent we can find. We are aided and abetted by experts in the field of baby care, all of them parents.

Leadership Team

Brian Wadsworth, Founder and Manager
Brian’s love is the solving of problems in general but especially the birthing, nurturing and growing of young companies. He is about to complete his fifth decade of professional life as a technologist, marketeer, leader and investor. Brian is the father of two delightful adult children. And, no, they did not feed easily.

Kent Smith, Founder
Kent is the consummate healthcare industry professional. If there is something he doesn’t know, it is only a question of traversing 3 degrees of separation before he finds the people with the answers. We call him The Connector. Kent has a beautiful adult daughter who he dotes on.

Simon Westbrook, CFO
Simon Westbrook brings extensive company-building, operations, and finance experience. Throughout his career, Simon has been involved in three initial public offerings, two secondary public offerings, multiple public and private M&A transactions, and countless rounds of venture capital and angel financing.

Advisory Team

Paul Russo
Chairman of the Board, GEO Semiconductor

Dr. Jeffrey Sunshine, MD, PhD
CMIO, University Hospitals Cleveland